Canon EOS R8: The EOS RP’s Revolutionary Replacement

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Canon’s latest addition to the EOS R series, the EOS R8, stands as a remarkable upgrade and a true successor to the EOS RP. This innovative camera brings forth a host of advanced features, offering both photography and videography enthusiasts an exceptional tool for capturing stunning visuals.
Canon EOS RP 4k video

A leap in Image Quality: EOS R8 vs EOS RP

Canon EOS R8 boasts a powerful 24.2MP CMOS sensor, a significant upgrade from the EOS RP’s 26.2MP sensor. While the pixel count may seem lower, the EOS R8’s sensor features larger pixels that gather more light, resulting in improved low-light performance, reduced noise, and enhanced dynamic range.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF II: Enhanced Speed and Precision

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF II focusing system in the EOS R8 is a marvel of engineering, delivering blazing-fast and incredibly accurate autofocus. With 1053 AF points covering approximately 100% of the frame, the EOS R8 locks onto subjects with remarkable speed and precision, whether capturing still images or recording videos.

4K Video Recording: Exceptional Detail and Clarity

The EOS R8 showcases its prowess in videography with its ability to record stunning 4K videos at 60p. The camera’s oversampled 6K recording capability ensures exceptional image quality, capturing intricate details and smooth motion in every frame. Videographers can also take advantage of the EOS R8’s customizable picture profiles, allowing them to tailor the look of their footage to suit specific creative visions.

Intuitive Handling and Refined Design

The EOS R8 features a compact and lightweight body, making it a delight to carry around for extended shooting sessions. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, even when paired with heavier lenses. The rear LCD touchscreen offers intuitive control, providing easy access to various camera settings and enabling smooth navigation through menus and images.
The EOS R8 boasts impressive connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it easy to transfer images and videos to smartphones, tablets, and computers wirelessly. The camera also supports remote shooting via the Canon Camera Connect app, allowing photographers to control various camera settings and capture images from a distance.

A New Era of Photography and Videography

The Canon EOS R8 emerges as a compelling choice for photographers and videographers seeking a versatile and high-performance camera. Its combination of advanced features, exceptional image quality, and user-friendly design makes it an ideal companion for capturing stunning visuals in various situations. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your creative journey, the EOS R8 offers the tools and capabilities to unlock your photographic and videographic potential.

Here are some pros and cons of the Canon EOS R8:


  • Excellent image quality
  • Fast and accurate autofocus system
  • 4K 60p video recording with 6K oversampling
  • Weather-sealed body
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization system
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity


  • No in-body flash
  • Battery life could be better
  • Lacks some of the advanced features of higher-end Canon cameras

Feature Comparison.

FeatureCanon EOS R8Canon EOS RP
Sensor24.2MP full-frame CMOS26.2MP full-frame CMOS
Image processorDIGIC XDIGIC 8
ISO range100-102,400 (expandable to 204,800)100-40,000 (expandable to 25,600)
Autofocus system4779-point Dual Pixel CMOS AF425-point Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Continuous shooting speedUp to 40fps with electronic shutterUp to 5fps with mechanical shutter
Video recording4K 60p (6K oversampling)4K 24p
Screen3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD (1.62M dots)3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD (1.04M dots)
Viewfinder0.39-inch OLED EVF (2.36M dots)0.39-inch OLED EVF (2.36M dots)
Dimensions138.5 x 98.5 x 77.7mm132.0 x 94.9 x 70.7mm
Weight512g (body only)485g (body only)
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