Canon Eos R

One year with the Canon EOS-R

Canon EOS R

Canon EosR – this is where the internet says, “I told you so!” but it’s not that simple.

In an age where specs are everything, the EosR was born “Under Speed.”

And yet dozens of YouTubers used it for a ping time.

Today in 2023, the Canon EOSR almost seems outdated.

The reality is that the thing that makes you love something can’t be explained sometimes.

I owned 2x Canon M50s before the EOS R; I liked the m50. Size price etc… but I hated it!!! The battery life. And I outgrew the capabilities of the m50 quickly.

I held the Sony cameras, and the things never felt right in my hand… the old saying, ” I’m just not feeling it! “


Canon Eos R

The first time I saw and held the eos r, it made me feel pro … lol. Yeah, I’m serious. It’s had to explain the intangible attractions sometimes. Keeping the canon fitted with an R lens or EF lens makes you want to go out and capture stuff.

The battery life is excellent, the photo quality is fantastic, and truth be told, there aren’t many lousy photo cameras around.

Video is excellent; it takes a while to figure out all the functions, etc., that is if you are moving from a more junior camera.

The thumb strip dial was for me ok. I learned to use the focus by viewfinder thing. Quite remarkable when you get used to it.


eos r side

The only bad things with the EOS R are the high frame rate shooting and the 4K crop.

I now own a Ninja v external recorder, and a complaint would be that 10bit external is only available on full manual 4K. I would have liked 10bit on 1080, but that’s a minor complaint.

Overall, I love the EOS R. If you are are moving from Midrand cameras and want an intro to the new canon line, it needs a full frame. Get the EOS R.

Canon Eos R
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