The Best All Round Mic – Rode VideoMic NTG

VideoMic Ntg - urbantroop
VideoMic Ntg - urbantroop

Rode VideoMic NTG

Rode VideoMic Ntg – So you started creating content.. and the video is excellent! but the audio is a bit sketchy? the reality is audio quality of videos created help more to keep people engaged that good video quality. bear in mind you need to have an interesting topic.. 🙂


This is where is started off, the onboard mic wasn’t cutting it .So i bought a Rode VideoMic go. A passive directional shotgun type mic…. This thing was a total waste of money!! It picked up every type of electric interference in the vicinity and produced a horrible buzz or humming noise.


I purchased a wireless lapel mic system and was very happy with the results… but this didn’t solve the problem where I had to record unwired subjects or scenes. After looking for a while and seeing the reviews I took the plunge and bought the VideoMic NTG. and let me say this thing is awesome! 

VideoMic Ntg - urbantroop

Build Quality

The Mic is very well built , the buttons and rotary dial at the back are solid.

This is a powered Mic and has an internal battery that lasts up to 20 hours before needing charging again. 

It has a USB-C port for charging and connecting it to a PC.

A cold shoe mounting with a rycote mounting is supplied and performs well to isolate the mic from movement noises.

Also supplied is a foam windshield. this works ok but i recommend buying the furry deadcat version .

An Audio cable is also supplied to connect the mic to the cameras mic in jack. the mounting has cable management slots to hook the extra audio cable.

Overall excellent build.

VideoMic Ntg - urbantroop

VideoMic NTG Features

firstly id like to highlight the sound quality and directionality of the mic.. not sure of that’s a feature but anyways..

the big surprise was the USB-C connectivity, the mic functions like a comms device, it has a headphone jack for monitoring and sound out from the pc. So paired with a good webcam you can easily have the ultimate conference call setup.

Its portibility and ease of use is great also. you gotta get a decent mini tripod .


the other tech specs can be found here.


VideoMic Ntg , audio in video production


Whether you are a content creator or a casual video shooter, the Rode VideoMic NTG is an excellent choice of mic. Its versatility and quality are well worth the money .

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