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Canon R50

Canon R50 -A couple of days ago, I received an email announcement about two new cameras from canon, the Canon R8 and Canon R50.

I didn’t take much notice until I realized “R50”.

So I checked out the details, and I’m super happy…

The Canon M50 is a beautiful little camera aimed at content creators, but it lacks several key areas compared to the other products available in this space.

Some drawbacks were very back crop in 4k; I didn’t like the M lens system, battery life, and lack of a proper high frame rate.

The folks at canon hear the complaints, and the new Canon R50 looks like the real deal.

So to start, the camera sports the new RF mount system, the new line of canon glass. An EF adapter is available to use legacy EF and EF-S lenses.

Video shoots now support 120P in 1080p and 30fps in 4k. No mention of any crop also.

From a physical POV, the camera looks almost the same as the Canon M50 but for the giant lens mount. 

Low light sensitivity and eye detection have been improved.

As with the M50, the R50 can be used with a pc as a webcam.

Overall, time will tell about the battery life; I use a continuous power adapter for my M50 when in the studio, which cured my battery issues. 

Paired with a small gimbal live the Zhiyun Crane M3, the Canon R50 looks to be a winning combo.

I have both the Sony ZV-1 and Canon M50, which are excellent. Not with the improved lenses, the R50 would be a preferred choice.

So is the new Canon R50 worth changing up from the Canon M50? Hell, yes, it’s a no-brainer. It seems like a gigantic step forward… I bought my Canon EOS-R for the exact reasons listed in the R50 upgrades.

The Canon R50 promises to be a fantastic Camera for content creators. Well done, canon!EO

Canon R50

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Canon R50
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