The Best Entry-Level Camera – Canon M50

Canon M50 Canon M50 Mk ii

Canon M50

Canon M50 – Amazing little camera…



Canon M50  – I was starting to get convinced by the cell phone brigade that mobile phone cameras are just as good or even better than SLRs and DSLRs. So I decided not to take my Nikon D200 with me.


Instead, I took my mobile phone, Dji gimbal, and a GoPro.


The first city was Vienna, Austria. Super cool place with tons of photo opportunities. Pretty soon, I realized the phone takes excellent photos but was flat and not what I wanted… so I searched in the stores for something.. choices were a Panasonic, Canon, or Sony. The canon m50 turned out to be the best all Rounder.


The next city was Budapest, Hungary. This is where I bought the camera from.




Canon M50 Side view


Out the Box, it took fantastic photos and videos. One drawback. Low light performance is ok, and the lens choice becomes very important.


When I got home, I bought a few more M Lens; the POV and quality of the images were good. Oh yeah, it is mandatory to buy at least two additional batteries. The battery life on the camera is horrific!!!


General use is excellent unless you have big hands; maybe investing in a body rig will help fill the grip.


Using the Canon M50 on a gimbal is excellent, as with most cameras; remember to turn off the Digital IS.


I bought a Valtrox speed booster for the Canon m50, not this took the pov from crop to almost full frame. The brightness of all the lenses got an f-stop boost also. So I’d say for long-term ownership, get a speed booster. Worth the money!


Overall the Canon M50 is an excellent intro to digital photography; its price, quality, and build are reasonable.


Canon M50 Top View

A couple of things is didn’t like.


While the M lenses were small and quiet, I didn’t enjoy taking photos with them. So again, get the viltrox speed booster for EF lenses and an M-EF adapter to use EFS lenses. The in-camera mic is adequate but best paired with a Rode VideoMicro; the external mic increases the quality tenfold.


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